The Starting Line – The Drama Summer (Live)

Kenny Vasoli Solo Set

Kenny Vasoli Solo Set

The Starting Line played at Revolution nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the Say It Like You Mean It 10th anniversary tour.  Going to the set I was not aware that they were playing the album from top to bottom so I was quite pumped to get to hear it again.  Overall, it was one of the greatest shows I have ever been to, it was amazing to hear tracks that I listened to my entire high school played right infront of my eyes.  I recorded this video of Kenny Vasoli playing a solo set of one of my favourite songs called The Drama Summer.

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T&L Freeski: Episode 1

T&L Freeski Episode 1: Tremblant Opening Weekend from T&L Freeski on Vimeo.

The very first episode to our new video series.

Winter finally showed up and we decided to go get our shred on at Tremblant for opening weekend, we got some awesome weather and real decent conditions. It was a great day for bringing back some of the first tricks of the season.

Skiing By: Chris German, Carlo Mion
Film/Editing By: Will Blackwell
Song: Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band

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Creativity in Various Sports

It is almost unbelievable seeing what some athletes are able to think of in order to keep their sport progressing and always something new to look forward to.  It is not even about how big the trick is now, but about how creative you can be in the streets and in the park.  Every athlete has influences on their sport, and it is videos like these which give other athletes ideas to keep their desired sport progressing.  Watch William Spencer get fancy at The Berrics.

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Family First

In my life I have gone through many ups and downs. Met some amazing people along the way, went through many friends, and kept many sincere ones. This past year I learnt that the one person you thought would never let you down probably will. It was a lesson, a eye opener, and a change but one for the good. You have to be able to speak for yourself, tell someone off, and explore your heart. Life is short, and you don’t want to dwell on things you can’t change. I am truly thankful for the friends I keep close with and the ones that continue to return the favour of keeping in touch. Throughout this I learnt that the one person that will always be there for you is your family, and no friend can replace that.

Always keep your Family First.

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Algonquin Times Article

Photo. Janik Shannon

A few weeks ago my friend John Leslie was interviewed by Janik Shannon of Algonquin Times for his road to the 2014 Paralympics.  He was kind enough to invite me to say a few words about my involvement behind his journey.  This is how I was introduced to Janik.

From there, Janik asked me a couple weeks later to do a similar article on my new collaboration with local shop Tommy and Lefebvre.  I was beyond thrilled to be part of another project to help out a current student and also help get my projects some much needed recognition.  Click here or below for the full article.

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Instagram:  @TandLfreeski; @duRails; @ducarlomion

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The John Leslie Story

The John Leslie Story

I was inspired by John the moment I met him.  I decided to get my company and I behind him and follow his journey.  We believed recognition was needed for a athlete with such an inspiring story.  A little different of a welcoming than the other DU Crew or Team DU family members.  I wrote a story on his past life and the struggles he has faced and conquered.  Take a second, have a read, hear his story, you may view life at a different perspective after this read.

Now online!  For full story.  Click here or the photo.

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Video Blog- Website Overview and Social Media Tips

This was for a school project to embed into my WordPress website.
Nothing more.

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The Athlete Machine – Red Bull Kluge

Red Bull is back at it again.  Have a look at ‘The Athlete Machine’.

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Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring from Mike Dandurand on Vimeo.

Filmed last season at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. I spent a lot of time shredding there last year with Chris German and friends. I managed to film a amazing day in the spring with Mike Dandurand which unfortunately ended up being my last day of the season due to a serious concussion.

Location:  Mont-Tremblant

Filmed/Edited By:  Mike Dandurand

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Woe, Is Me – Vengeance

After the lead singer Tyler Carter from the group Woe, is Me left for his own solo journey; Vengeance was to be made.  This is one of the newer songs from the band, with their newest singer Hance Alligood.

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