DU Lifestyle Co.

DU is evolving! The future is now. Say hello to DU Lifestyle Company Inc. formerly Decent Urban Rails Inc. We took on a lifestyle approach from the start so it’s no surprise our media and demographics have bubbled beyond the realm of rail sliders. It is time for our name to catch up with all that we DU.

What comes next?

More and more of our apparel is being sourced and stitched in Canada. We are getting even more personal with how we fit your form, set trends, and spread smiles internationally.

Each DU Media edit is more epic than the next and with support from T & L Freeski and increasingNewschoolers recognition, the du team is making a name for themselves.

We spread the love. DU will continue to sponsor local events, charities and our talented friends who continue to push the envelope with what they do. Creating buzz around the world about what we like and developing unique relationships has always been close to our hearts, and that will never change.

With the new name, came a new rider.  We are pleased to welcome Seb Eaves to the family.  Click here or the link below for the full write up.


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